Energy drinks are very trending today.These drinks are popular among youth especially with sports-persons or persons who do a lot of physical work.There are several energy drinks that contains a lot of sugar which is not good for health and much expensive in Price. You can prepare a healthy electrolyte energy drink yourself at home with all natural ingredients. Learn How to Make Your Own Energy Drink at Home.

Lemon Cayenne Energy Drink

If you want an energy drink which keep you refresh all day then lemon cayenne energy drink is the best drink to start your day. This drink is very easy to make.

Recipe:Lemon Cayenne Pepper Energy Drink

Squeeze a lemon in the glass and add water to it. Now add ginger juice and sprinkle cayenne pepper. Sweeten it by adding honey. This drink taste best when served chilled. Major benefit of this drink is that it keep you hydrated and also remove all toxins from body.

Boost Your Energy with Cherry-Lemonade Drink

cherry lemonade drink

Cherry and lemon make a perfect combination to make an energy drink.As lemon is a natural energy booster and prevents the body from dehydration.Cherry gives a perfect flavor to it and it has natural antitoxin agents.So why go outside for an energy drink, when you can prepare yourself at home. Take 1 cup of cherry juice, 2tbsp lemon juice, sugar(as required), half cup water. Mix cherry and lemon juice in a jar and add water to it. Now add sugar and add some ice to it. Here is your fresh homemade energy drink. You can add coconut water also for good flavor.