Insomnia i.e sleeping disorder is a common problem today. Depression, work-stress are the main causes of this sleeping disorder. People rush for medicines to overcome this problem but taking medicines for a sound sleep is very harmful for health and it gradually turns into addiction. Sleepless night can be tough, but with the help of natural sleep-promoting ingredients in these drinks, you’ll have easy sleep.rinks like cherry juice, lavender tea, hot milk are very helpful for a sound sleep.

Cherry Juice for a Good Night Sleep

Benefits:Benefits of Cherry Juice

Cherry juice is best drink that one can have for a sound sleep. Rather than sound sleep cherry juice helps to fight inflammation, reduce swelling, increase hemoglobin and blocks cancer growth. This juice will work like a remedy with a great taste. Thus there are numerous benefits of cherry juice.


To prepare this juice you need only 140 grams of cherries. Blend these cherries and your cherry juice is ready. Drink daily in the morning and 1 hour before going to bed in night.

Hot Milk Health Benefits

Health Benefits of Milk

Hot milk is the perfect drink which you can have before bed. Milk is the most nutritious diet, it has almost all nutrients which a human body required. There are many health benefits of milk. Drinking 1 cup of hot milk before sleeping makes you feel relax and helps to get rid of tiredness. This soothes your body and you feel good. It is very easy to prepare hot milk the only thing you required is milk. You can add chocolate powder or other milk powder to enhance the taste.