Banana Ginger Smoothie

banana ginger smoothie

Banana and ginger together make a perfect drink with a great taste. Bananas have natural antioxidants, potassium, and fiber. Ginger increases the metabolism of the body. This smoothie helps in weight loss, improves digestion and cures acid heartburn.In short, his is the perfect drink which you can add to your breakfast.


1. Take 1 sliced banana

2. 1/2 tsp ginger

3. 1tbsp honey

4. 3/4c vanilla yogurt

Combine all the ingredients and blend until smooth. Serve this smoothie chilled and reduce your weight without compromising your taste.


5 Foods for Sore Throat

We eat many things in a day, some of them are good for health and some of them just because we found them tasty which might not be good for health.We are more attracted towards spicy food and this food can cause health problems like sore throat , acne, indigestion , Gas and much more.

Though, Sore throat sounds normal but its very difficult situation for a person who is suffering from it. Its very difficult to eat or drink in throat pain.In short, sore throat doesn’t affect the throat only, it can lead to tonsils, bad breath and other health problems as well. Normally a sore throat patient is recommended to drink warm fluids instead of eating. But some healthy food can be consumed in this situation. There are many vegetables and food which help in soothing sore throat.

Following is the list of 5 foods for sore throat:

Egg: We all know that eggs are the rich source of proteins and Foods to Relieve a Sore Throatare very healthy to eat.But despite this benefit there is another major significance of eggs is that it helps in healing sore throat. Scrambled eggs or white eggs help in fighting with inflammation of the throat. Thus its advisable to eat eggs in sore throat pain.

Cabbage: Foods for Strep ThroatCabbage contains natural anti-oxidants which help in dealing with inflammation of a sore throat. Vitamin C, Sulfur and other essential nutrients are present in the cabbage which helps in soothing the throat.Cabbage soup can also be made, it will relax the pain and will help in sore throat.

Best foods for Sore Throat

Boiled Carrots or Carrot Soup : Carrots also help in dealing with sore throat. Carrot contains Vitamin A, C, and potassium that cures inflammation of the throat. Drinking carrot soup or eating Boiled / cooked carrots is an effective way to cure a sore throat.

Healing Foods for a Sore Throat

Sage: Herbs are used in medicines from ancient times.Sage is also a herb which has antiseptic, antibacterial qualities and helps in soothing the throat. Boil sage leaves in water, add honey or lemon to it and drink this mixture. It is also helpful in cough.

Foods in Sore Throat

Banana: Banana is non-acidic fruit which is easy to swallow.It contains vitamin B6, potassium, calcium. It also increases immunity power.Banana enhances the energy and a good source of immunity .

Cayenne Pepper and Honey for Sore Throat

A home remedy which is extremely effective for strep throat

Steps:Honey for sore throat

  • Take a tablespoon of honey and take a Quarter teaspoon of cayenne pepper.
  •  Mix them together.
  •  After they are mixed. Take 3-5 clots of garlic.
  • Greed it down over the paste and mix them together.

Now the medicine paste is ready.

Take half teaspoon for 1-2 days in the morning and get fast relief from strep throat.

Intake of antioxidants to Cure Sore Throat

Intake of antioxidants

To increase your immunity and cure sore throat increase intake of antioxidants through fruits and vegetables.

Green vegetables and fruits enrich your body with nutrients and naturally help to reduce the throat infection .

You should drink a lot of water and acquire enough rest. These are all goodies once you are tormented by this pain.

One in every of the foremost effective ways in which to ease your pain is to try and do therefore with a gargle of the correct ingredients.

A raspberry team concoction manufactured from raspberry leaf tea will facilitate. Build it with 2 teaspoons of dried leaves steeped for about 10 minutes in hot water.

Another choice is to use sage, that is understood to own healing skills. combine about one teaspoon of sage with a cup of boiling water and so steep for 10 minutes. you’ll be able to conjointly add honey to it.

Smoking adverse effects on throat

Don’t Smoke :Adverse effects of Smoking

During smoking you take in a lot of such compounds which cause serious health problems. There are many adverse effects of smoking which can damage your throat, lungs and heart badly. They are Nicotine Which is a well known chemical. It is extremely habit forming and can lead to a numerous health problems, from pneumonia to more critical ailments like lung cancer and pharyngeal cancer. So Avoid smoking to cure sore throat properly.

Benefits of Green Vegetables

Green vegetables produce water in the body which cleans the body regularly. There are numerous green vegetables to come to a decision upon such as cucumbers, kale, broccoli, and long stem onions, green peppers, peas, cabbage, spinach, dark leafy green lettuce, asparagus and collard greens. These kinds of vegetables are really nutritious and can help you in sore throat ..

Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Maximum water intake helps you cure Sore throat very quick. Drinking plenty of water is actually required for a good health. Health and fitness professionals say that the normal human being must take in eight glasses of water

daily. Other elements that can impact how much water you really should drink each dayconsist of your physical task levels, the environment where you reside, your eating habits and other health or medical factors.

Also drinking water in a good amount can help in food absorption, and keeping the body’s temperature optimum, and removes the unwanted material from the system. You can not realize that your body is getting dehydrated consistently with the foods you consume. The outcomes of dehydration can cause troubles like low energy, severe headaches and stomach irritation. Staying in a dehydrated state can lead to depression symptoms, renal system and the urinary system.

Negative Effects of Caffeine

Minimize the Caffeine consumption : Caffeine dehydrates the body. It reduces the level of water to put enough stress on your vocal chords.
Caffeine in fact sets off some bodily hormone variations and biological reactions that impede the functioning of acne therapy products and solutions. For example, when human body is subject to pressure or anxiety due to sleep deprive from caffeinated drinks, there increases the bodily chemical which blocks the skin pores and leads to acne.
Caffeine Side Effects

Coffee, soda, tea,some beverages are the caffeinated drinks. if one cant leave these drinks fully then it is wise to keep your caffeine-intake average.

Consume Green tea : And one can also start consuming green tea which has less caffeine, but lots of antioxidants,which keeps your health fit and healthy consistently and make your body more immune to fight cough, cold and flu. Apart from it, green tea eliminates toxins, a functionality that is obstructed by caffeinated drinks.

Essential Oils to Cure a Sore Throat

Oils of trees like Eucalyptus and thyme are outstanding healthy and balanced sore throat remedies to reduce a sore throat and blockage. Just add a few droplets of your chosen oil to a bowl of hot water. Cover your head with a towel and breathe the steam in profoundly for a couple of minutes.

Apart from this, some other simple and very economical remedies are:

1.  Gargle couple of times in a day to reduce swelling and discomfort

How to gargle: – Take a pinch of salt into 1 glass of warm water and mix them.  Gargle once in every hour

2. Use non-prescription throat lozenges for relief

Best Remedy for Sore ThroatMany herbal lozenges that can buy over the counter contain analgesics like lemon or honey.

  • Some throat lozenges like Sucrets Maximum Strength or Spec-T are safe and effective and contain medicine that insensitive the throat to alloy pain.
  • Try not to consume lozenges with anesthetics for more than three days, as the anesthetics could mask a serious bacterial infection like streptococcus (strep throat) that needs medical intervention.

3. Have a Marshmallow

Marshmallow is very efficient herb it contains mucilage which helps coat and soothe mucus membranes in the throat. It has been widely used in North America and Europe. But it may lower blood sugar so diabetes patients should consult their doctor before using this.

4. Get plenty of rest: –

Try to sleep more than 11-13 hours while symptoms.

5. Drink plenty of fluids, especially water

Try To intake more liquid you can and follow above mention steps, You will definitely come over from Throat pain.

Health Benefits of Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a powerful remedy to cure a sore throat caused by cold. One tablespoon of cinnamon powder, boiled in a glass of water with a pinch of pepper powder, and two tablespoons of honey can be taken as a medicine in the treatment of this condition.

Alternatively, to cinnamon, we can also choose honey for the cure of a sore throat. A sore throat can be caused by a number of things like virus, bacteria, sinus drainage, allergies, muscle strain, regularly breathing through the mouth.

If a sore throat is caused by a virus such as the common cold or causes other than bacteria then you can prefer home remedies to get rid of it quickly.

 The first thing you should do is go for honey:

Honey is a very good sore throat remedy. Why so?  Because honey is proven to have antibacterial and anti fungal properties.  Also, due to the stability of honey, it is very comforting for sore throats, coughs and bronchial ailments.  It has been used for centuries by Greeks, Italians, and Hungarians.  So honey for a sore throat is very mature and powerful concept

Another one is “Drink licorice root tea”:

Licorice has anti viral and anti inflammatory properties which help to reduce irritation and swelling. It also mitigates the membranes in the throat.

Follow these Tips and Take care of your health, everyone is Precious xoxo