5 Pain Relieving Yoga Poses

Yoga is in practice from ancient times.It has been proven that people who practice yoga daily live longer and healthier life.Practicing yoga keeps you fresh and active whole day and increase the level of energy in body .Now a days even doctors recommend yoga daily. There are various poses of yoga called as ‘asana’ which everyone can do at home . Each asana has its own benefits for health and mind . It is usually recommended that exercise should not be done when you are in pain .

However there are some asanas / Yoga Poses which you can try to get rid of body pain, headache, and other diseases like dipression , anger , obesity etc.
Following is list of 5 pain relieving yoga poses which can be practiced to get rid of pain:

Sukhasana is an asana or pose for pleasure and peace. It is very easy and simple to perform. To perform this asana sit straight, cross your legs,tug your left foot under the right knee and right foot under the left knee. Now erect your spine and close your eyes. Put your hands on knees. Now take long breath and release it gradually. It is also the best asana for meditation and help to control your mind and anger. Its benefits on health are: it will strengthen your back, help in mental piece,  remove backaches and will keep your body relaxed.
Yoga Asana
Uttanasana i.e intense forward bending pose helps in curing headache or migraine. This asana increases the blood circulation to the nervous system. It also sharpens the memory. To perform this asana stand straight,then touch your toes keep your head down. Now take your hands to your calves or you can place them on ground and perform this asana for at least 3 minutes. This asana stretches whole body.

yoga for joint pain
Apanasana is very effective for stomach pain, relieving gas, indigestion, constipation and other stomach related problems. This is very easy to perform, lie on your back then move move your legs to your chest and hold your legs with your palms . Now breathe steadily by closing your eyes for at least one minute.
Baddha KYogaonasana also called Butterfly pose is an asana for hip pain,urinary disorder and abdomen problems. This is one of the easiest asana to perform. Sit straight and join your feet. Now, hold your feet tightly with hands and keep sitting in this position for at least 3 minutes. Take long breathes and exhale gently. Try to keep your knees close to the ground.
Yoga for Leg Muscle Pain
Dhanurasana or Bow pose helps to tackle joint pain,add flexibility to the body, open up the chest and shoulders. Lie on your stomach and lift up your legs and chest.Fold your knees and hold your ankles. Keep breathing and look straight with a smile on the face. After 25-30 seconds exhale and move your body to the normal position and relax.

*Perform above listed yoga poses under the supervision of an expert. For more healthy blogs stay updated with us.

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