Five drinks that can help you lose weight quickly

Surprised? Yes, you read it right, drinks can also help you reduce weight! What you drink basically affects your ability to lose weight and it is the truth!! The liquid calories play a huge part in the health of a person. The amount you consume from a drink is directly related to the ability to control out the number on that scale. Beverages are something that go down easily and quickly than food. It is also a part of mindless consumption i.e. not paying attention while we are doing other things like driving, watching television, working , catching up with friends and so on. Sodas are bascially the liquid sugar and they do very little to satiate the hunger. It is true for various other drinks like beverages, sports drinks, smoothies, green teas and so on. Most of these juices contain a lot of sugar and some have a little fiber to help you keep full for that time. A few of the 100 calories can add up quickly as there are many people who fail to factor out the liquid calroies into their daily intake. Alcohol is something which you can limit to minimise your weight. It is necessary for successful weight loss.

Check out these drinks that can help you shed your pounds!!
The good news is that there are few drinks that you can start sipping to shed the extra pounds on your body. Here are the five drinks you need to consider-

Water – It is very essential to drink enough water as it helps in restoring fluids that are lost through breathing, exercising and metabolism. The best thing about water is that it is the number one thirst quencher and is affordable too. The timing of drinking water can make a difference. So, whenever you feel hungry, drink some water because as per the research it has been found out that people who drink two glasses of water before their meals are more likely to lose weight. So never go straight to eating, drink some water before every meal. This way you are more likely to lose weight.

Coffee – As per a study, it was ohservedthat people were more active during their workout when they drank around two to three cups of coffee before exercising. Coffee leads to an increase in the energy expenditure both before and after the exercise. Coffee is responsible for positively affecting the hormones which improves the blood sugar regulation. Coffee maintains the stable blood sugar which is essential to your well being, overall fitness and regulates the hormones and the fat in your body is able to burn and store. So when drinking coffee, skip out the sugar and the heavy cream.

Turmeric steeped warm milk– Turmeric consists of a component called curcumin which shrinks the size of the adipose cells and limits up the fat accumulation. It also stimulates the antioxidant effects and reduces the inflammation that might help you relieve anxiety. So, if you drink turmeric steeped warm milk before going to bed, you will have a good night’s sleep.

Green Tea – Green tea maintains your weight and hunger suppression. It also helps in fighting fat metabolism. The American College of Nutrition observed that in just two months, the green tea drinkers lost about an average of six pounds more than those who drank plain water. Green tea is brimming with lots of antioxidants and flavonoids which are good for overall health.

Kombucha – It is one of the readily made drink available in most of the super markets and comes loaded with probiotics. It has been observed that millions of bacteria lives in our blood sugar and the way we respond to them makes us feel hungry and full at the same time. If we fuel our gut with beverages and foods, it will stimulate good bateria that will make losing weight easier for you.

Sip on these natural health drinks to reduce your weight in the quickest and easiest manner.

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