5 Foods for Sore Throat

We eat many things in a day, some of them are good for health and some of them just because we found them tasty which might not be good for health.We are more attracted towards spicy food and this food can cause health problems like sore throat , acne, indigestion , Gas and much more.

Though, Sore throat sounds normal but its very difficult situation for a person who is suffering from it. Its very difficult to eat or drink in throat pain.In short, sore throat doesn’t affect the throat only, it can lead to tonsils, bad breath and other health problems as well. Normally a sore throat patient is recommended to drink warm fluids instead of eating. But some healthy food can be consumed in this situation. There are many vegetables and food which help in soothing sore throat.

Following is the list of 5 foods for sore throat:

Egg: We all know that eggs are the rich source of proteins and Foods to Relieve a Sore Throatare very healthy to eat.But despite this benefit there is another major significance of eggs is that it helps in healing sore throat. Scrambled eggs or white eggs help in fighting with inflammation of the throat. Thus its advisable to eat eggs in sore throat pain.

Cabbage: Foods for Strep ThroatCabbage contains natural anti-oxidants which help in dealing with inflammation of a sore throat. Vitamin C, Sulfur and other essential nutrients are present in the cabbage which helps in soothing the throat.Cabbage soup can also be made, it will relax the pain and will help in sore throat.

Best foods for Sore Throat

Boiled Carrots or Carrot Soup : Carrots also help in dealing with sore throat. Carrot contains Vitamin A, C, and potassium that cures inflammation of the throat. Drinking carrot soup or eating Boiled / cooked carrots is an effective way to cure a sore throat.

Healing Foods for a Sore Throat

Sage: Herbs are used in medicines from ancient times.Sage is also a herb which has antiseptic, antibacterial qualities and helps in soothing the throat. Boil sage leaves in water, add honey or lemon to it and drink this mixture. It is also helpful in cough.

Foods in Sore Throat

Banana: Banana is non-acidic fruit which is easy to swallow.It contains vitamin B6, potassium, calcium. It also increases immunity power.Banana enhances the energy and a good source of immunity .

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