Home Remedies for Cough

In our last blog, we shared some home remedies for sore throat. Sore throat usually takes 3-4 days to cure but it causes other problems like cold ,cough etc. Cough is a very serious health issue as it affects your whole body and makes you feel very uncomfortable.If lasts more than 3 weeks then it can be a cause for tuberculosis. But now you can curb a cough easily and naturally at home. Here are some very effective and powerful home remedies for cough which can cure your cough without any side effect:

Natural Cough Cure

Honey-  Honey is the best homemade remedy that you can have to curb a cough. It has both cure and taste. Honey has antibacterial properties which help to fight infection. It contains enzymes injected by bees which help in soothing your throat. Intake 1-3 spoons of honey in a day for adults and 1 teaspoon for children.Having 1 spoon of  honey before going to bed daily give you a sound sleep if you are suffering through cough and helps in reducing the cough pain.

Natural Sore Throat RemediesGinger- Ginger is another natural and powerful remedy for cough.It has natural properties which help in fighting with infection and thus curing cough. It can be used in different ways to cure a cough.
One Remedy is simply put a little piece of ginger in the mouth but do not eat it. Take a  ginger piece in the mouth and consume its juice, it will help you get cough relief and you will feel relaxed.
Another remedy is Ginger to tea and drinking ginger tea will also give long lasting effect on cough.You can also take ginger with a spoon of honey for better taste. Boiled Ginger water in morning with honey is also helpful in cough and cough pain. Ginger is also one of the best natural sore throat remedies.
Homemade Cough Medicine

Turmeric- Turmeric helps in increasing immunity. It can be used as a cough medicine. It is very easy to prepare cough remedy using turmeric.To do this take half cup of water and add 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder into it with 1 teaspoon of black pepper and a little cinnamon. Now boil this mixture for 2-3 minutes and take this drink daily helps to cure cough. Honey can be added for good taste.

Cough Home Remedies
Tulsi- Tulsi leaves can be used as a medicine for cough and its an effective formula from ancient times. Just put 2-3 tulsi leaves in your mouth and after 2-3 mins chew them, this will make you feel better. Adding 1-2 tulsi leaves in boiled water or tea will also help in genuine results.

Natural Cough Remedies
Licorice- Licorice is also powerful cough remedy and also very effective in cold as well. Drinking tea by adding licorice will stop cough and make you feel good.  Add licorice into the water and then boil it and drink, it is simple and effective method to curb cough.

Our main motive of sharing these home remedies is to make our users healthy and fit in natural way, without any side effect.For more blogs like this stay in touch with us.

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