How To Do Dhanurasana?

To perform this asana make sure that your stomach and bowels are empty. If you have taken your meal then perform this asana after 4-5 hours so that meal doesn’t affect the asana and get digested before performing this yoga. Do not perform this asana if you are suffering from high blood pressure, back pain, migraine. Pregnant ladies should not perform this.

Benefits of Dhanurasna:

1.Helps in weight loss Dhanurasana Steps
2. Improve digestion.
3. Relieves joint pain.
4. Stretches whole body.
5. Improve body posture.
6. Helps in stimulation of reproductive organs.
7. Helpful in curing kidney disorders.
8. Relieves gas and helpful in constipation.
9. Strengthens legs, ankles and knees.
10. Helpful in removing stress and depression.
11. Cure menstruation disorder.

Steps to perform:

1. Lie on the stomach facing downwards.
2. Relax completely with 2-3 breaths.
3. Inhale slowly and fold your knees.
4. Hold your knees tightly, your body will now in shape of bow.
5. Your whole weight will be on abdomen part.
6. Taking deep breaths stay in this position for at 20-30 seconds.
7. Now exhale slowly and come to normal position and relax.
8. Perform this asana 5-6 times daily.

Early morning is the ideal time to practice Yoga but if you do not get time in the morning you can practice it in the evening taking all precautions.

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