Keep your voice healthy in six easy ways during the winter season

The vocal cords enter the most challenging season as the winter settles in. The larynx prefers warm and moist air as 65-70 per cent humidity is ideal always. The vocal cords can become desiccated which further more can leave you more vulnerable to the vocal fatigue and other throat infections. So, here six easy steps that can keep your voice healthy this winter –

Breathe using your nose – This is one of the most essential breathing habits that everyone should create. Winter is the best time to commit it. Every human being is a nasal breather and it is essential because nose helps in providing much more warmth and humidity to the throat and lungs. Also, the nose filters out the unnecessary dirt, allergens, viruses and germs in a better way.This is one of the best sore throat treatments that you can utilize to keep your voice healthy during the winter season.

Always keep your tongue on the roof of your mouth – One of the most important things is the tongue position. It is a great way to ensure that you are breathing properly. The tip of the tongue should always be right behind the upper front teeth suctioned up along the hard and soft palate. A proper jaw function should be promoted and the breathing should be done via nose by blocking off your mouth.

Steam up for rehydration – Steam will always be your best friend as it is the best way to rehydrate your vocal cords. Inhaling of the steam brings more moisture to the cords quickly as far as the liquid is concerned.

Immune system should be always kept happy- If you want to prevent the seasonal sickness, then you need to keep your lymph circulating in a proper manner. Lymph is basically the garbage system of the body and it is tasked with the removing of the germs, bacteria and viruses from the blood stream. Unlike the other circulatory systems, it has not pump and it moves through breathing exercises. So, dedicate yourself to a regular exercise to keep your immune system healthy.

Work out on your breathing muscles – Immunity can be strengthened with the help of the exercises in the breathing muscles. A simple drill everyday can save you from the problems. You can continue with the inhale and exhale exercises to find relief for the allergy and asthma problems. This will also enhance your immunity.

Check out your balance – Stand on one foot with your eyes closed. Do you feel stable? How much stable do you feel? This is the daily exercise that should be performed to make you feel stable. If this is hard for you, then you should try to balance it out. This will surely balance up your body and make your voice healthy.

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