Meditation Poses that Improves Concentration

Tired of regular failures in your life or does not get the success in your life according to the hard work you are doing for it?Then this blog is for you. “You must stay focused on the end result to achieve your goals.” This quote is the real key to success in the life.It does not matter what is your ambitious and how big it is, if you stay focused then definitely you will get results. If you do your work with full concentration then you will definitely get results.However, it is not easy to stay focused each time in your life.There are many things around you which keep distracting from your goals.To help you out of this problem we are representing best meditation poses that improve concentration and help you to achieve your goals in life. You can meditate in different poses.Go through below-listed poses and choose your’s which you can practice comfortably.

1. Quarter Pose

Quarter Pose
To perform this pose sit comfortably on your seat with your legs loosely crossed and feet below the opposite knees. This is the most basic meditation pose. With the increase in concentration, it also strengths knees and legs.

2. Half Lotus

Half Lotus
This meditation pose is recommended for those who have less flexibility in the body. To perform this cross your one leg and rest your feet on the thigh of opposite leg. And stretching the other leg. This pose gives strength to the hips, knees, back and legs.

3. Full Lotus

Full Lotus
This pose is similar to the quarter pose.To perform this pose you need to sit keeping your spine straight. Now fold your legs and place feet on the thighs of opposite legs. This is pose improves concentration to a great extent. This is also called Padmasana.

4. Seiza

It is really fun to perform this pose.To perform this you don’t need to sit on your hips instead kneel down and place a cushion or mat between your legs and meditate. This pose is also called Hero pose.

5. Burmese Pose

Burmese Pose
This is an easy position to perform full lotus pose if you can’ perform quarter pose comfortably then Burmese pose is the alternative.Sit in the position of the quarter pose but instead of placing feet on thighs keep them on the ground.It is commonly known as Sukhasana.

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