Negative Effects of Caffeine

Minimize the Caffeine consumption : Caffeine dehydrates the body. It reduces the level of water to put enough stress on your vocal chords.
Caffeine in fact sets off some bodily hormone variations and biological reactions that impede the functioning of acne therapy products and solutions. For example, when human body is subject to pressure or anxiety due to sleep deprive from caffeinated drinks, there increases the bodily chemical which blocks the skin pores and leads to acne.
Caffeine Side Effects

Coffee, soda, tea,some beverages are the caffeinated drinks. if one cant leave these drinks fully then it is wise to keep your caffeine-intake average.

Consume Green tea : And one can also start consuming green tea which has less caffeine, but lots of antioxidants,which keeps your health fit and healthy consistently and make your body more immune to fight cough, cold and flu. Apart from it, green tea eliminates toxins, a functionality that is obstructed by caffeinated drinks.

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