How to have A Better Voice while Singing

It is always delightful when our readers appreciate our work, this motivates us to do more better and write some more blogs for our readers. This blog is written on the demand of one of our subscriber who needed help with better voice while singing. This blog will include some tips for better voice and, how sore throat affects our voice and how to prevent it.

Sore throat affects your voice and cords as well while you sing or talk. This blog is especiallWant Better voicey for our users who want to pursue singing as their passion but lack awareness about throat infections and need appropriate guidance. So, here we are providing some tips to have a better voice while singing.

To have a good voice while singing, start by warming up your vocal cords. You can do this by gargling with warm water and salt mixture. Mix some salt in warm water and gargle slowly with it for 15-20 seconds and repeat this process 4 to 5 times to hydrate or soften your cords.

Here are some other tips for good and healthy voice which you can follow:

Drink Water

Drink some water prior to singing and try to breath with your diaphragm. Don’t force your vocals for high notes if you have any throat pain to avoid any major issue. Drinking water not only keep your throat hydrated but also helps you to have better voice while singing as it takes a lot energy while you sing on high pitch . Avoid consuming extreme cold & hot fluids, alcohol and other drinks which affects throat and make it dehydrated.

Some tea which can help your voice : If you are having a bad voice or you want to improve your voice naturally consume licorice tea , ginger tea or clove tea twice a day. It won’t only strengthen your voice but will provide you high energy and immunity.

Breath Low

To have a strong voice it matters the way you breath. Usually normal people don’t care about their breathing habit and take short breaths and consume less oxygen , but this is not recommended for singers. Always try to breath deep and slow. You can improve this by placing a book on your chest and practice to breath low and deep. It will help in your voice improvement for sure.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking is one thing which you must avoid if you want to be a good vocalist. Smoking affects your lungs adversely, and affects your stamina of singing a lot. It restricts your range of singing. So always try to avoid smoking if you want better voice and to sing on high pitch for long time.

Self Analysis

No one can judge you better than yourself. Always try to analyze your singing. Stick your one finger in your ear and let other ear open, now start singing you will be able to listen your voice.Judge your voice and try to improve it.How To Improve Your Singing


Right time to breath while singing is between the phrases. Look out the phrases in lyrics carefully and figure out where to breath so that your singing does not get affected. Practice phrasing as much you can because it matters a lot that how you control your breath in singing.


Last but not least is practice. Practice makes man perfect and this is the only key which can make you a good singer. Listen your recordings again and again.

Try to use different notes, this will help you to increase your range. Always take criticism in positive manner and learn new things from the famous singers .

If you found this article helpful then please share your comments below, we would love to hear from you. Any questions or advice highly appreciated.

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