Losing weight doesn’t warrant a massive undertaking. Some minor tweaks in your diet plan and lifestyle habits can work wonders for your body. Many of you are cognizant of the common tricks- clamping down the diet and a little more exercise. But, this gets all the more confusing when you are bombarded with mixed suggestions from different sources.
Well, you don’t have to make things complex. We’ll show you some easy weight loss tips you can incorporate into your regime, including your diet plan to help you in the long run.
  1. Start your day on a healthier note

Grab a fruit of your liking after you wake up. Add it up with a combo of mixed seeds like flax, sesame, muskmelon, chia & watermelon which reduces weight. Eating healthy in the early morning and prior to working out accelerates your metabolism.

  1. Skipping Carbohydrates altogether is a bad idea

Change your white bread and pasta into a whole wheat/grain type. The reason being, these refined versions of carbs can cause cravings and high blood pressure. Moderate the intake of carbohydrates (like rotis) but never resort to a strict no-carb diet.

  1. Add small physical activities in your daily routine

Using stairs instead of lifts, commuting through a public transport, cleaning your home or lifting a grocery bag; all these augment your daily dose of exercise. Having said that, if you go on a calorie deficit diet, the body’s metabolism decreases and it breaks down muscle for retrieving energy. Therefore, you need to lift weights and perform resistance exercises to speed up the metabolism and keep muscle mass in good shape.

  1. Drink, drink and drink more

No, we are not talking about wine or beer, but water and other healthy drinks. You need to drink lots of water at timely intervals. Dehydration in the body slows down the metabolic process which restricts weight loss. In addition, add vegetable and fruit juices to your breakfast and green tea two hours before bedtime.

Some valuable tips: – Using tepid lime water instantly after waking up helps in losing body mass. Also, there should be a bare minimum 30-45 minutes gap between water and meals.

  1. Light and Breezy meals

Salads are the star players of your meal. They can be digested quickly and do not contain many calories.Further, you have to treat yourself to waste shrinking light meals at night. A broccoli infused Salad with a bowl of soup, Grilled Fish Tacos or just fruits and milk work very well.

Above all, the key to losing weight is having a sound sleep for at least 8 hours. It will keep many aspects of your internal body in good shape. Plan your meals to avoid binging on sugary foods and keep a record of your calorie intake in your food dairy.

Are any of these weight loss tips working out for you? Let me know in the comments.

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